As a life-long outdoorsman, fisherman and athlete with a passion for environmentalism; I have enjoyed a long-term relationship with all things photographic & film making, and have been including cameras [& fly-rods!] in my backpacks and sea-bags for as long as I've been creating images.  


At the tender age of twelve, the same year I first saw my friend Jeff tie a fly, I became smitten with a 1974 Nikon F that my Dad had picked-up, and I've been a "Nikon-Guy" ever since. Dragging their systems into war-zones, flying-machines, underwater, to the tropics, the high-desert, and various backcountry locales; I've developed a talent for finding exceptional light in any setting or season. I'm also VERY comfortable in the studio environment producing my own light. 


Eager to collaborate and a true listener who really enjoys client stories. I recognize the value of learning the history behind the project and the importance of getting it right. Bringing the entire process to life, working solo or with my small crew, the focus is always on providing the best quality deliverables with the best possible experience for client and crew alike.


I look forward to helping you reach your goals through my creative visual content work and building upon that foundation further in the future.  Cheers.   ~ Chris

Annual / 2020 Projects

~Fly Angling & Fly Tying Content: [continuous/year-round/annually]. Steelheading [East and West Coast] 10/1 to 4/1. Striped Bass 2/1 to 11/1. Tarpon 4/1 to 5/15. False Albacore & Bonito 8/15 to 11/15. Trout & Salmon 8/1 to 5/1.

~Snowy Owls [Winter annually]:  Documenting these migratory birds with still photography and HD video for conservation/preservation efforts. Proceeds from annual gallery exhibit of large-format prints will benefit the Audubon Society facility at Joppa Flats, in Newburyport, MA.


~New England BackCountry Snowboard Touring Lifestyle [annually, 11/15 to 4/1]:  Showcasing both the White and Green Mountains, paying homage to the early pioneers, and exploring modern split-board equipment.

~Field Camera and Gallery Prints [year-round, planning-phase]:  Utilizing a 4x5 field camera, Ilford FILM & chemistry, a scanner and a large-format printer, Chris will focus his eye on conservation efforts based around Atlantic Salmon, Honey Bees, our Public Lands access rights and a continuing large-format portrait project.


Chris and the Bay Colony Media crew are available year-round for creative visual content work, at competitive rates.  Still photography, HD video capture and editing in support of editorial, advertising, marketing or social media  projects for any sized project or client.  


Reach out today with your inquiry!  

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